What is Program Management?

SS-USA provides certainty and confidence to Owners via the delivery of program management services on large capital programs. Activities include detailed planning and scheduling, and diligent coordination and cost control. 

We deliver full project-cycle design, construction, and final commissioning before successful hand-over to the Owner.

Large programs require diligent oversight delivered through experienced management, coordination, and integration of multiple projects and disciplines running concurrently.

We manage outcome-driven projects that deliver social, economic, and environmental value.

  • Owner’s Engineer / Owner’s Representative
  • Program Management
  • Construction Management / Project Management
  • Program Advisory: Project Delivery Methodology Analysis
  • Contract and Risk Management Analysis
  • Planning
  • Master Scheduling/Schedule Analysis
  • Master Budget Development
  • Master Estimating
  • Design Management
  • Program Controls
  • Cost Management
  • Delivery and Contracting Strategies
  • Change Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Facility Condition/Life Cycle Assessments
  • Stakeholder Management
  • QAQC Controls and Management
  • Pay Apps processing
  • Materials or Manufacturing Validation
  • Other…

Program Management

Delivering Certainty and Confidence through Program Management

At SS-USA, we’re united by a common purpose of delivering Certainty and Confidence to Owners.

Our program management business provides the structure, tools, techniques, and process to deliver on this vision. We manage outcome-driven projects that deliver social, economic, and environmental value. These include programs include transportation, clean energy, environmental clean-up, as well as shaping major cities.

We’ve been listening to our clients, supply chain, and the communities we serve and investing in our capabilities to meet their future needs. We’ve engaged people who are not only the best program managers in the market, but who are also committed to delivering the best for all stakeholders.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, we embrace complexity, bringing the interests and actions of a wide variety of different stakeholders together so they breathe, move and focus on the same things at the same time.

Our digital tools and capabilities help us manage a vast array of people, processes and technologies in a way that is outcome focused, encourages collaboration, and minimizes risk.

To be sustainable, programs must be designed to serve future as well as current generations but predicting future requirements is difficult because the associated demand and markets are not yet known. Yet it is only by working with the multiple, complicated connections between projects, political and public sensitivity that we can help identify the combinations for tomorrow’s success.